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Name:Fanfic beta search - any fandom
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to Beta_Search at DW!

This community is for all fandoms. Please share, so we can cover all fandom participants seeking help.

What you can post:
You are welcome to make three types of posts:
1) Looking for help
2) Offering help
3) Tips

You may look for or offer beta, cheerleader, or mentor assistance.

Please note, some betas, cheerleaders and mentors may offer certain services. "General" is acceptable, but it's helpful to know if you are looking for, or offering, something specific (such as characterization, consistency, SPaG*, etc).
*SPaG = Spelling and Grammar

Some general Beta Duties: characterization, making sure stories and passages make sense, language, grammar, consistency, proofreading, etc.

Some general Cheerleader Duties: bouncing around story ideas, offering encouragement and motivating, helping to set deadlines, (virtual) hand holding, listen to the writers when the stories aren't cooperating, etc.

Some general Mentor Duties: Help introduce newbies to a fandom, (virtual) hand holding, explain how challenges work, explain how betas work, explain communication within a fandom, point out communities of interest, etc.


If you are looking for help, your subject line must include the fandom or fandoms included in your story, along with what help you are looking for.

Sample subject lines:
Wanted: Beta for (fandom)
Wanted: Cheerleader for (fandom)
Wanted: Mentor for (fandom)

Please use the following template:
Author name:
Help needed (beta, cheerleader, mentor):
Category (Gen, Het or Slash):
Pairing(s) (if any):
Any spoilers or warnings:
Story length (approx.):
Due date (if any):
Specifics (grammar, characterization, consistency):
Level of harshness preferred:

*If you have found your help and are no longer looking, please note that as "FOUND" in your subject line, or at the top of your post.

CHALLENGE MODS - you are welcome to look for betas, cheerleaders and mentors for your fandom challenge
Mods may post once per month for their challenges.
Please use the following template:
Wanted: Help for challenge authors
Help needed (beta, cheerleader, mentor):
Category (Gen, Het or Slash):
Story length (challenge min/max WC):
Due date (if any):
Link to challenge post (where people wanting to help can post their offerings):
If you would like to offer help for this challenge, please follow the above link. Thank you!


If you are offering help for only one fandom, you must list the fandom in the subject line. If you are offering assistance in more than one fandom, you may list "multi-fandom" in the subject line. You must also include what sort of help you are offering.

Sample subject lines:
Offering: Beta for (fandom)
Offering: Cheerleader for (fandom)
Offering: Mentor for (fandom)

Please use the following template:
Help offered (beta, cheerleader, mentor):
Category (Gen, Het or Slash):
Pairing(s) (if any):
Specifics (what you offer – consistency, SPaG, deadline setting, etc):
Level of harshness:
Any pairings you won’t work with:
Anything else you won’t work with:


Tips are generally not fandom specific, however if you are pimping a challenge or community, you must include the fandom in the subject line. If it is multi-fandom, you may note that.

Sample subject lines:
Tip: How to choose a rating for your stories
Tip: (fandom) Challenge
Tip: (fandom) Community

You are welcome to post any tips you feel may be helpful to others in the fandom. Tips can be related to writing, posting, participating in challenges, etc.

Posting challenge announcements and community pimping is permitted.

My NCIS and fandom communities on DW:
[community profile] ncis_bigbang NCIS Big Bang Challenge
[community profile] ncis_reversebang NCIS Revserse Bang Challenge
[community profile] ncis_bang NCIS Challenge Master Lists from past challenges
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[community profile] ncis_challenge NCIS Happy Holidays Advent Challenge
[community profile] ncis_discuss Discussions about NCIS, the series and fandom
[community profile] ncis_search Search for anything related to NCIS (certain scenes, photos, etc.)
[community profile] ncis_campfire Newsletter
[community profile] beta_search A multi-fandom community where you can look for, or offer, beta, cheerleader or mentor help.

How to contact your Mod: jacieleigh (at) gmail (dot) com

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